Activities with a car

Along the coast

– eat some of the best food in Europe including the world renowned percebe (goose barnacle) , fabada(Asturian bean stew) and pulpo a la gallega (galician style octopus) and wash it down with some refreshing local sidra (strong cider)
– surf or take surf lessons and other activities at any number of local beaches
– rent a small boat and explore the river Eo which divides Galicia and Asturias
– get in a round of golf at the nearby golfcourses of Rapalcuarto or Castropol
– visit the caves of Andina
– eat, drink and be merry at a any number of local fiestas or gastronomical festivals which happen all year long but especially in summer
– check out the magnificent cliffs and the picturesque sea caves during low tide at la Playa de las Catedrales(Beach of the Cathedrals)
– head to one of the nearby spectacular sandy beaches such as Tapia, Peñarronda, Serantes, Frejulfe, La Paloma o Navia
– visit some of the other historic seaports in the area including Tapia, Puerto de Vega, Luarca o Rïnlo
– visit the Lakes of Silva (Lagos de Silva), once the site of roman gold mines now a beautiful natural area
– take in the lighthouse and seascape views from the Cape of Saint Agustin (Cabo de San Agustín)

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Activities without a car

In the mountains and river valleys

– get to know the history of the pre-Roman settlement of Castro de Coaña
– visit the villages of the Navia river valley
– discover the magical forests of Taramundi and his traditional forging, the Eo river, Oscos and Terras de Buron all part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
– hike through native forests to the Natural Monuments of the Oneta Waterfalls and the Wterfall of Mexico (las Cascadas de Oneta y la Cascada de México)
– discover the Iron Age culture and forest of Froseira and the celtic holy place of Pastur

DOWNLOAD Mountain and Coastal Routes (Really good oficial guide)

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